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Use color to help balance the energy in your home and office.

Each of the Five Elements have associated colors to enhance their energy. You can use these colors to optimize the energy in your environment.

woodWOOD is associated with green. Green symbolizes beginning, potential, innocence and purity. It can be used to enhance your home office and entry for prosperity, and meditation room and nursery for harmony. Quiet music complements green.


fireFIRE is associated with red and orange. Red represents power, excitement and warmth. Orange represents joy and enthusiasm. They can be used to enhance vigor and warmth in any space. Use red in modest quantity such as pillows, cushions, artwork and accent furniture. Excessive use of red and orange can make you feel restless and agitated.

is associated with yellow and brown. Yellow promotes cooperation, family unity and communication. Brown can be used to enhance stability and patience. They are beneficial to public spaces and family-shared rooms. Too much yellow and brown makes spaces dull and lifeless.

metalMETAL is associated with white, silver and clear (such as glass). The Metal colors represent purity, refinement and maturity. They can be used to modernize, clear and refine your spaces. It is best to use off-whites instead of pure white as the pure white does not harmonize with other colors. When combined with a high ceiling, Metal colors enhance creativity.

waterWATER is associated with blue, black and dark purple. The Water colors symbolize rest, calm, completeness and coolness. All dark colors have the Water qualities. They can be used to deepen sleep, alleviate aggressiveness and smooth out frictions. Black is good for protection and contemplation.