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A properly designed bedroom offers you protection,
nurtures intimacy and promotes better health.

Bed location: The properly placed bed offers you protection and promotes better health. The ideal position is diagonally opposite the door and against a solid wall with the expanding view of the room and door. It is good to always be able to see who is coming through the door.

Ideal bed location

Headboard: A headboard provides protection to your head as you sleep. If you do not feel secured or grounded in your bedroom, try changing your headboard to something more sturdy. Solid wood or tufted upholstery headboards are ideal.

Side table: Side tables next to your bed should not have sharp edges and the table top should be lower than the top of your mattress. The sharp corners next to your head will keep you from total relaxation while in sleep.

Electronics: Computers, televisions, and treadmills do not belong to your bedroom. Move them out of the room if you want to improve your relationship with your partner. Electronic devices produce strong RF (Radio Frequency) and EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation). RF and EMF can cause sleeping problems if you are sensitive to them. Turn off your phones, WIFIs, computers, air cleaners in your bedroom or keep them a minimum two feet away from you while you sleep.

Window coverings: You need window coverings that create an intimate mood, control light and provide privacy in your bedroom. Curtains or fabric shades are preferred over wood, metal or plastic blinds as they give a more sensual feeling as well as better privacy.

Clutter: Clutter is synonymous for unfinished tasks, being out-of-control, and guilt. You want to leave these feelings and thoughts outside your bedroom door. If one room in your home needs to be free of clutter, it is your bedroom.